Who’s Part of the China Experience 2011

The planning, and funding of this trip has been a daunting task. It has been a shared task by the Confucius Institute at WKU, various departments across WKU’s campus (i.e. Health Services, WKURF, Finance & Administration, President’s Office, etc.), North China Electric Power University, and Hanban. Of the 44 participants, all but seven individuals are WKU faculty, staff, or students. ┬áSee below for a complete roster and departments represented on this trip:

Michael Binder – Former Dean of Libraries
Nancy Binder – Community Member
Kathryn Burchfield – Enrollment Management (Office of Provost)
Richard Burnette – WKU Student
Margaret Crowder – Geography and Geology
Brandon Davidson – Interactive Video Services
Lynn Ferguson – Artist-In-Residence
Eric Fisher – Library Facilities
John Gott – Desktop Support
Erlene Grise-Owens – Master’s of Social Work Program
Erin Greunke – Geography and Geology
Stan Herren – Technical Support (College of Education)
Lisa Cooper-Holmes – Community Member
Ingrid Lilly – Philosophy and Religion
Rebecca Long – WKU Student
James Lowe – English Department
Hajara Mahmood – Ed.D Student
Kenyetta Martin – Ed.D Student
Terrill Martin – ICSET / WKU Center for R&D / Confucius Institute
Margaret Maxwell – Teacher Education Department
Laura McGee – Modern Languages
Ronald Mitchell – Dept. Chair – Professional Studies
Beth Murphy – International Student Scholar Services
Olivia Murphy – Community Member
Esther Orndorff – WKU Student
Kathleen Orndorff – WKU Student
Larry Owens – Social Work Department
Wei-Ping Pan – Assistant to the President / Director of ICSET & Confucius Institute
Alice Pan – Community Member
Nathan Phelps – Honor’s College
Clarrisa Priddy – Graduate Admission Department
Janette Ralston – Community Member
Neil Ralston – Journalism & Broadcasting
George Rasmussen – Executive-In-Residence (GFCOB)
Loren Ruff – Theater & Dance Department
Vicki Sharer – Art Department
Lee Ann Smith – SkyTeach
Natasha Smith – Planning, Design, and Construction
Martin Stone – Agriculture Department
Jeremy Thompson – Basic Skills for College Teaching (BSCT)
JoAnn Thompson – International Student Scholar Services
Steve Thompson – Community Member
Ta’Neka Vaden – Heath Services
Haiwang Yuan – Library Services

Please follow us as we document our independent and collective experiences in Beijing China. Our stay will be for a total of 20 days, so there will be plenty to both read and write about.