Why NCEPU for CI’s First Cultural Exchange Trip?

I am sure many are wondering why the Confucius Institute at WKU picked North China Electric Power University as the host site for its very first Summer Program, instead of a traditional University. The school was founded in 1958 with its first name being Beijing Electric Power College. The school was later renamed, North China Institute of Electric Power. Then in 1995, Beijing Electric Power College was merged with North China Institute of Electric Power, and was named North China Electric Power University. As the name implies, the school specializes in power and energy-relevent disciplines such as electric power engineering, automation, energy and thermal power engineering, and renewable energy. The school is ranked as one of “211 Project” Universities in China, referring to Top 100 Chinese Universities in the 21st Century. As you can see, NCEPU’s reputation rivals American Institutions such as MIT or Georgia Tech in the area of Engineering.

Still wondering why the Confucius Institute at WKU chose NCEPU for its cultural exchange school? What you may not know is that the school is much more diversified than just Engineering. They currently offer degree programs ranging from Industrial Economics, Masters of Business Administration, Project Management, Finance, Public Administration, and English Language & Literature. So, the school is not just an engineering/power generating University, it is a comprehensive University with a deep heritage in the area of Electric Power Generation. In addition, their English Language & Literature program is partnering with the Confucius Institute at WKU, and has began (AY 11/12) bringing a few Chinese teachers into the Kentucky school system to teach Chinese language and culture. Thus, it should make perfect sense why the Confucius Institute would make this University the site for the CI’s very first “Adult Summer Trip.”