Great Wall Adventure

Today was a very eventful day from beginning to end.  First we started out with the WKU President, Dr. Gary A. Ransdell joining the group of Zhongguo Adventurers as we depart to the “Great Wall.”  Boy what an adventure it was.  Before I discuss the trip, I would like to insert the actual drive to the “Great Wall.”  First and foremost, our driver was a fearless, dedicated, and aggressive driver that made sure that our group safely made it to and from our various destinations.  However, it goes without saying how scared we all were the first couple of days with something as simple as crossing the streets.  Our first adventure off campus was to ICBC Bank to exchange our money the second day on campus.  I thought I was in New York City, as I have not heard so many horns blowing  at one time, except in New York City during rush hour.  Here is a list of items I have learned on the road:

  • When you hear a “beep,” you must be on the look out for coming your way.  This means you are driving to slow, you are about to be passed, or move out of the lane your in.
  • Driving in Beijing is not for the feint at heart.  If you are not an aggressive driver, you have no business on the road.  This even goes for pedestrians.  There is a sort of code for anyone or anything in the driving lanes.  It is sort of like “organized chaos.”  I have only witnessed 2 accidents, and if you have seen what I have seen, it is a wonder.  While drivers are aggressive, the point is not to hurt, hit, or wreck on the roads.  Everyone is actually courteous, but on a time schedule, nonetheless.

Ok, now back to the “Great Wall.”  Here is the whole group before we each prepare for the huge climb to the top.






I am deathly afraid of heights, but this being a once in a lifetime chance, I would not let my fear derail my chance to branch out of my comfort zone.  The steps are very steep, and if you don’t believe me, see the attached picture below:








The views were phenomenal, see below:

















At last, I made it to the top.  It only took about 1 1/2 hours to reach the top.  Whew.  Actually both me and the Mrs. made it to the top.








Oh, wait, that isn’t anything.  The elder of the group, Mr. Richard Burnette, who will celebrate his 75th birthday in November, climbed the top of the “Great Wall.”  Now that’s an accomplishment.  Way to go Richard!!!!!






Stay tuned for our visit to Summer Palace!!!