WKU Presents Madame Xu Lin Honorary Doctorate Degree

July 22, 2011, was a historic moment for not only the Confucius Institute, Hanban, North China Electric Power University.  Why you ask?  That date marked a time following action taken by the Board of Regents this Spring (2011), as the first time that WKU bestowed an Honorary Doctorate Degree off campus, let alone in China.

President Ransdell welcomed everyone to the “Recognition Celebration” for Madame Xu Lin, Hanban, and North China Electric Power University.

Next, Madame Xu Lin receives the first every “Honorary Doctorate Degree.”  Madame Xu Lin was awareded, and received WKU’s first Doctorate Degree off WKU campus and in China.

During her thank you speech, Madame Xu Lin, Director General of Education, in fact applied to WKU in 1988, and was ultimately awarded admissions; however, only 1/2 scholarship awarded, thus, she did not attend.

Lastly, even at this point, there was more to the celebration.  While here in China, the sole purpose was not a vacation to China.  It was to learn the cutlure and language.  Each day our diligent Zhongguo Adventurers traveled to class for 4 hours a day learning language and culture.  This day, was the culmination of the groups dedication to the mission of the trip, as we sung, “Ge Sheng Yu Wei Xiao” which is translated to “Bring the Song Home.”  We were all nervous, but as we started, the crowd clearly knew the song and really rallied behind us.  What an experience, is all I have to say.

All in all, the event was a success.  Dr. Ransdell, Dr. Pan and myself have learned a lot from Mrs. Lucinda Anderson, as she would have been proud.