Field Trips

It is hard to believe we have only a few days left here in China.  We have seen and experienced so many things – and logged lots of hours in the buses.  Here are a few photos from some of our field trips from our base in Beijing.

At the pearl market, this lady strings pearls to make a necklace. You select a strand of pearls on a display string, then they string them into a necklace, tying a knot between every pearl.  They are very fast with nimble fingers.

On our visit to Tian’anmen Square, most tourists are Chinese.  They marvel at the foreigners and want to get their photos with us.  This picture shows a temporary decoration in celebration of the communist party’s rule.  They change decorations for big holidays.

In a park area, a local drew in Lisa and Marge to catch weighted fabric rings.  Lisa has mad skills at catching rings on her neck!  This man lures in tourists and asks you to send him a photo to add to his enormous collection.  All transactions are in international impromptu sign language 🙂

Forbidden Popcorn:  As you enter the garden of the Forbidden City, you might want to grab a snack.  Who doesn’t love popcorn?!

This is an example of Hu Tong, a traditional architecture style.  Many of the older buildings were demolished prior to the 2008 Olympics.  In a city of high-rise development, these single-story properties are prime.  They have modern conveniences added.

In the Hanban headquarters China Exploratorium they have interactive exhibits like this one where you can try on traditional dress.

In the Heavenly Temple park, this old man sat alone playing an unusual-looking instrument.

“Ms. Tea” educates us about varieties of tea and how to enjoy them.  And of course, encourages us to buy some from their shop!  Lychee with rose was my favorite.  If you have a friend who bought tea here, they can introduce you to “PeePee Boy”.