Getting Acclimated

Seems like yesterday I was a newbee to the mystic that is China. Funny how I feel like a local (even though I am clearly not), and how comfortable I am. Last year for me was such a stressful time. First, it was the first camp for the Confucius Institute, so everything needed to go off without a hitch. It did. Second, it was my first time to China, let alone abroad at all. Went well. Third, I had to quickly get acclimated with China and jump right in to head off any issues. Fourth, we had to put on a program for the Confucius Institutes sponsor Hanban, as WKU and President Ransdell presented Madame Xu Lin with an honorary Doctorate degree.

My what a difference a year makes. While so much is different, so much is still the same. Was able to instantly connect with my friends I met last year in Mr. Duan, Leonard, Cookie, and Li Bo. Three days in the books and it is amazing how much more I am enjoying this trip versus last year. I guess second time is a charm, because this trip is a keeper. I love the people on the trip. Amazing how big WKU has become as these are people that either work or study on the campus that I have never met. I have to say, this trip rocks. Everyone is settling in and getting acclimated with their surroundings or so it seems. Time will tell.

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