Random Thoughts – As Seen By Terrill Martin

Group Photo at the Temple of Heaven


May is the perfect time to visit Beijing. The skies were blue everyday. Unlike last year in July, Beijing does have blue skies. They do exist. LOL!!!


Traffic in Beijing China is no joke. It really reminds me of New York, New York during rush hour. Can anyone say bumper to bumper?


Group Photo at Tian'amen Square



Jade Factory
George Rasmussen standing next to an $80,000 piece of authentic jade. Oh, that is $80,000 USD, which equates to $480,000 RMB. George was standing too close for my comfort. Whew!!!


WKU has arrived in Tianjin. Ni hao? Still very much a developing country, as there were many buildings with cranes atop. Wonder what it will look like in 5 or 10 years?


Beijing China Botanical Garden. Words can't adequately explain the beauty of nature. I am in awe.


This picture just doesn't show how utterly full this bus was. OMG, it was hard to breathe.


Group picture in the hallway of Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters). Dr. Peter Hamburger (Also Known As - Mr. George Clooney), and I posing with the group.


The panda was just as cute in person as on TV.


I am standing in front of the fastest train that I personally have ever been on. It went up to 298 kilometers or 186 MPH. Didn't even feel it.

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