Relfective Thoughts – Robert Deane

Mr. Terrill Martin,

The Confucius Institute trip to China exceeded all of my expectations. Your leadership from the time the trip was announced to our safe return is a testament to your patience and exceptional people skills. I will highly recommend to family and friends that they consider attending future Confucius Institute tours.

This travel experience has caused me to view the people of China from a very different perspective. I found the people of China to be very warm, gracious, helpful, and in several instances, went completely out of their way to provide assistance. I will always remember while looking for the Post Office to mail postcards home, a very kind lady stopped what she as doing, led me to the Post Office, which was about 500 meters away. She not only helped me explain what I needed, but also assisted me in purchasing the correct amount of postage. I thanked her profusely for taking time out of her busy day to assist me.

As a result of this experience, I’ve learned more about the cultural differences between ours and those of the people of China. Additionally, I now have a much better understanding of the history of the People of China and the significance of some of the more popular historical sites located in Beijing. Overall, this trip was educationally enriching, culturally enlightening, as well as a great adventure for a senior citizen.

I truly enjoyed the guided tours of the historically significant sites located in Beijing. Not only were the tours well planned, they were also directed and espoused upon by very knowledgeable locals that were able to answer our questions and concerns. Further, the times scheduled for those visits were appropriate and allowed sufficient time to enjoy each site.

I enjoyed the “Dance Class” and the “Kung Fu Class”, but felt the second of each of those classes could have been better spent on other cultural subjects. Many individuals in our group expressed concern that the class “Traditional Chinese Medicine” was not provided as indicated on the schedule, as well as “Chinese Festival s Class” was also eliminated. I think that providing a wider ranch of subject matter will serve as a broader platform for individual tourist expanding upon those areas that interest them..

I was dismayed that the internet service was intermittent and unreliable in the new dormitory. It made it difficult to e-mail family at home and to maintain contact with job related matters throughout the trip. I realize that this is a relatively new building and many of the construction problems have yet to be resolved. On a more positive note, I would like to comment the North China Electric Power University Administration for providing computer personnel, to visit each room in an effort to resolve the problem(s).

 Overall, the China Trip was a great experience that I will never forget. One other thing that contributed significantly to the positive experience, were the students that assisted us daily. They made themselves available based on our needs. They provided advice directions, warnings, and in doing so, developed bonds with members of the tour group that will continue into the future. If the students that assisted us are representative of the majority of the students, I know that the administration is doing a wonderful job of educating its youth.

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