Alexis Bellamy

My experience at Shouguang Century School has been very educational and eye opening. The students and teachers are like Americans in so many ways, from the sense of style to their sense of humor. I really enjoy having class combined with the Chinese students. Meeting new people, learning the Chinese language and experiencing new students and teachers have been very motivating and fun. We learn from them and they learn from us bridging our cultures. I love the music and dancing. The music is different but very heartwarming. The Century school staff has worked so hard to accommodate for our needs and safety. They are so friendly and kind all the time. The classes today were exciting. My favorite was the Calligraphy. Happiness was the word I wrote and that expresses my feelings for this whole trip. When we went to the Confucius Cemetery it was amazing seeing all the flowers around his tombstone and people bowing in respect for him. The food is wonderful and has a different style. Trying them is exciting as well. The dragon fruit is by far my favorite. It is similar to watermelon. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!


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