Amber Nichole Johnson

My experience in the 2013 Summer Bridge trip to China so far has been absolutely amazing.  I’ve always been interested in Chinese culture so I was expecting a lot from this experience, and I haven’t been disappointed in any way.  I especially appreciate having the chance to participate in the Chinese education system at the Beijing Royal School and the Shouguang Century School.  Simple tourists don’t get the chance to experience this part of Chinese culture, so I feel very appreciative of the fact that I can experience it as if I’m a student here myself.  The Chinese students are very welcoming and understanding, as well as helpful and friendly.  I feel as if I’ve truly learned more about China in just these past few days than I have the entire year I took Chinese class at my school in Kentucky.  The sightseeing is also very fun and educational, the teachers and others do a very good job at explaining the history and culture behind the beautiful landscapes and artifacts.  I often ate at Chinese restaurants back in Kentucky, and I was aware that the food was not “authentic Chinese”.  The food here is even better than I could possibly imagine.  Everything that I took a bite of, aside from a few fruits, was delicious.  The scenery here in China is even more beautiful than what I saw in pictures, and even the Shouguang Century School is very nice to look at it.  The classes are very in-depth and informative, but not to the extent of being dull or boring.  The classes are very entertaining as well, and the Chinese students are eager to participate and help us learn even more.  So far, I haven’t had to ask for any extra items of any sort because everything I needed was either provided to me before I asked or was already in my room waiting for me.  I greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in the program and would love to visit China again someday if I ever get the chance.

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