Daja Carnell

The Shouguang Century School has been to me a some what of a life changing place, if it had not have been for this school and the wonder full teachers. I would not have had the chance to learn about the wonderful Chinese culture and all it has to offer. The students and teachers each uniquely have there own sense of style, much like us Americans, and you have to love there hummer. I can relate to many of the students, in simple way like the movies we love to watch, to what we want to be when we get older. I love how they take such interest in our culture, as do we to theirs, it makes it easier to learn and help teach each other.

There is never a time when you are made to feel uncomfortable, because the whole class is there to encourage you, and the teacher encourage you also. I would have never have imagined that the Chinese food here would be this great, I have tried so many different things, and by far the Sweet Chicken has been my favorite. The chopsticks are not as hard to use as they look I struggled at first but I caught on quickly, and mastered eating rice with them. The places we have been are so educational and moving, I really enjoyed going out during the day and seeing all the places that we had just learned about in class the day before. I enjoyed seeing all the people and the way of life that the Chinese people live it is so amazing.

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