La’Jada Jordon Massey

This trip to China has had ups and downs — mainly downs — but my ups are moving very slowly. One of the reasons why it’s moving very slowly is because I get homesick pretty bad and I worry that something bad might happen there and I need to be there just in case. Shandong is very beautiful; all the amazing places and the people here are very quite amazing. The kids at Shouguang Century School are friendly, which makes me feel very comfortable, The School hours are pretty long, one class is 3 hours and that’s really long for just one class. When I went to Qufu I was very amazed at the beauty of “Some Places”. The food here is very good.  It’s actually better than I thought. The beef stew we had today was AMAZING. I am really starting to love this place, but there’s no place like home.

The Best part of China I think is the scenery, very pretty scenery – oh, and plus the history can’t forget about the history here, the history here is quite nice and I can not wait to go to school to tell people I have actually been to The Kong’s family mansion, Temple, and Cemetery, SO COOL, I think I’m lucky because this is like a once in a life time thing for free.

Before I leave China I want to be able to connect to some kids to know that they kind of have the same life as we do.

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