We are here!

After a long day of flying, we finally arrived safely, albeit exhausted, in Beijing. The next morning, we started the day with our first meal in Beijing in one of the university dining halls. Next was the YCT Camp Opening Ceremony, where we received an “Overview of Chinese Culture” lecture and took the initial placement exam to divide our group of students into two. After a quick tour of the campus and lunch, we departed for the Great Wall of China. Two hours later, we arrived and decided to climb the south side of the wall. Although it is a much more difficult climb, it is shorter, less crowded, and does not reach as high of an altitude as the north side. The climb was much faster than we had anticipated and was successfully completed by all who participated. We had dinner at a nearby buffet and then returned back to the university campus for a well-deserved night of rest. Yesterday was our first day of classes, and the two individual classes studied for the entire day, with a lunch break and adventure to the nearby supermarket by public transportation. We look forward to the next few days of classes before our excursions to the heart of Beijing and Xi’an.


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