Tuesday, April 7th

Last night’s conversations with Chinese students turned out to be a highlight of the days here on the campus of North China Electric Power University. The local high school student I mentioned yesterday did come to the session and spent time afterward with several of our girls, including bringing them a local ice cream delight as a gift. Some of the boys went to play basketball with their conversation partners afterward, and made plans to play with them again tonight.

Today, all students finished up their language classes and YCT tests; the adults took their tests as well. Students gave their teachers farewell gifts this afternoon, and then Janna took the students to a local market where they practiced their bargaining skills again. Everyone is enjoying a free late afternoon/evening before heading off for a full day of sightseeing tomorrow.

The adults’ path took them to the Lamasery, where Tibetan Buddhist monks did and still do live, followed by the Confucius Temple, a place of study and testing for young Chinese men for centuries. We also walked through some of the Hutong (alley) area, as we did yesterday as well, and browsed in a few shops. (However, other than Bob, we need the students to help us bargain!)

We spend all day tomorrow and Thursday seeing sites here in Beijing, followed by our overnight train trip to Xi’an, leaving Thursday evening and arriving Friday morning.

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